The lovable rogue.

Except, they’re generally not.

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Feb 14, 2023Liked by Dom

Did I miss humour in relation to your burglary story? Sec 12 Theft Act 1968 is TDA, 9 (1) (a) and (b) relate to Burglary.

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I worked with a DC (Walkie Talkie Walker) who relayed John Fordhams’ story to me. He said he was there and in no possible shape or form was it self defence. “A slag’s a slag” as my old Ex RCS DS used to say. Wise words.

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Dom. S12 Theft Act. That's TWOC. How about a 9(1)(b) for the burglary.

Back to the Detective Training School for re-education.

Oh, hang on, they've abolished it...

I met Kenny Noye at Frankland once. Spotted me as plod in seconds. Even the screws hated him.

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