A good discourse Dom. I keep ‘commenting’ on various newspapers websites and emailing GB News that under the ECHR police have to facilitate PEACEFUL - not lawful - protest.

The courts have also given police a duty of care for the demonstrators.

That explains the softly-softly approach in my experience.

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I find baffling and chilling is the ignorance of Ziegler among those including so-called journalists and politicians who regularly lay into policing and the Met. Equally is in the inability, seemingly intentional, of Parliament to do anything about it. Therefore I assume Parliament supports the judgement. Or is too weak, stupid, pathetic,bovine and useless to get off its collective arse and do something. I've grown to expect bizarre judgments from judges after three decades of policing. They seem to revel in being awkward, perhaps its the wigs. As for Parliament, I am increasingly scornful, contemptuous and I tolerant of it. A pox upon them all.

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May 10, 2023Liked by Dom

Does anyone else reckon that both left and right wing journalists were absolutely aroused at the prospects for the Coronation? For the right had the anti monarchists succeeded in disrupting the occasion there would have been endless articles about 'woke' policing whilst the left to an extent can go on about living in an authoritarian regime. As you say public order policing is a no win game for the police, they're either too hard, too soft or on some occasions are both.

Prospects for the future? The anti-monarchists will come again as will Just Stop Oil and ER. The police, and the Met in particular will continue to be criticised no matter what they do. I occasionally speak with people who either cannot or are unable to comprehend why demonstrators are not bludgeoned out the way like they are abroad does not happen here.

Finally how about a bit of fantasy public order policing? We invite over dedicated public order units from our European colleagues on a regular basis and let them deal with public order/protest as they would in their own countries. Just for the LOLS as I believe the young people say.

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Amusing, well researched and an accurate portrayal of the current policing dilemma, positive (aggressive) or light touch (soft)? Who decides? I would look closely at our journalistic friends, no one wants state controlled media but a media controlled state is at least as bad. The tone of the media debrief will depend upon which paper sir or madam favours...... If the police come out badly in all media platforms then you could say they got it right, although the Mayor of London and the Police and Crime Commissioners could make life difficult!

When looking at public order in the UK don’t forget about the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland, B specials, Bloody Sunday etc....

Thanks for an opportunity to remember the Miners Dispute, the I’ve Met the Met stickers aside, a young version of me enjoyed the challenge.

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