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Dominic, I predate you (1976-2007) but this could be a description of my experiences, but in a different order. Anti-corruption in the late middle of my career, terrorist finance right at the end. But like you, I saw the gradual pollution of the Met. I didn't so much see it as a uniform branch coup, although the architects were necessarily in the blue, but more a result of accelerated promotion. There is nothing wrong with a university education -I got a first degree and a Masters degree by distance learning whil doing earlies, lates and nights as a uniformed PS on P district. However, the majority of those who joined through that scheme had only one goal in mind, and that was to scale the greasy promotion pole ASAP, cockiing up the job on the way. I'm sure that you'll agree that there were always some dodgy bastards in the CID, but that was being cut out by CID officers in CIB3. I commented on another similar post this week, it is so depressing.

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