I retired as a DS 6 years ago and rejoined 3 yrs ago as a Police Staff investigator on a MIT. I would not rejoin as an officer. I can confirm you are 100% correct. The job is truly f**ked! Direct entry detectives, no experience on borough, still massively short of officers in every department. I really feel sorry for them

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Brilliant. Back story, retired 2013. DC for 28 of 33yrs. Started giving the “management” read Exam passing failed cops a hard time in early 2000s. Namely wtf are you doing. Prevent harm, what’s that.

Now on dangerous ground. Are the police institutionally racist. NO

Am I racist. Yes

I don’t like villains.

No matter what self defining club - sect - colour - creed et el

The managers of post Lawrence to date, plus the Bramshill Boys Club have a lot to answer for

And relax

Old & ranting, because I still care

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